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Here is a Detailed Report of Kwame Kilpatrick’s Fall

Here are the text messages between Kilpatick and his aide, Christine Beatty

KK: They were right outside the door, they (bodyguards) had to have hear everything

CB: So we are officially busted! LOL

CB: “Have you and your wife been back on a regular sex life?

KK: “We had sex 1 time this year, not regular at all.”

KK: “I really believed that I had not chance to be with you. I’ve wanted to have sex with you since I was 17 yrs old. I believe it was my only opportunity.”

CB: “I still remember in the days when I was scared to touch you. How I spent my day dreaming when and how to say I love you … a million days in your arms is never too much.”

CB: “I have wanted to hold you so badly all day, but I was trying to stay focused on work. So, I promise, not to keep you longer than 15 minutes.”

KK: “Don’t promise (N-word.)”

CB: “I’m in my office. Do you want me to come to yours or you coming to mine?”

KK: “I’m coming down there … LOL ditto. Freaky Chris!”

CB: “You told me that you would be my boyfriend everyday until I was your wife. Are you renigging?”

KK: “Hell no! Don’t start none. Won’t be none …! LOL”.

CB: “I can’t see living this way with us being a ‘secret’ forever. I love you so much and I want to tell somebody, someday! (Smile).”

KK: “In this important and somewhat confusing time in your life, please know with all our hearts and soul that I love you. And you will never, never be alone.”

CB: I really wanted to give you some good head this morning and i didn’t know how to ask you to let me do it. I have wanted to since friday

KK: “Next time, just tell me to sit down, shut up and do your thing!”

CB: “Will you marry me?”


CB: “I dont know when, all I know is I want to be your wife! I want you to be my husband. So whenever our lives permit, just say youll marry me.”


CB: “I will wait on it! …”

KK: “You Too! I was about to jump your bones in Ford Field! LOL.”

CB: “I’m sorry that we are going through this mess because of a decision that we made to fire Gary Brown. I will make sure that the next decision is much more thought out. Not regretting what was done at all. But thinking about how we can do things smarter.”

KK:”It had to happen though. I’m all the way with that!”

CB: “I love how you can make me feel by just looking at me!”

KK: “At that time I was trying to make a teenage fantasy come true!”

KK: “Nobody has ever, imean ever, excited me like you.”

“I love how you can make me feel by just looking at me!” .

Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is out of jail. His ex-lover and top aide, Christine Beatty, still has weeks behind bars. But their text messages to one another the source of their political implosion and Detroit’s global embarrassment  continue to hit the public.

Here is the Court Report With All of the Text Messages

A new batch _ 682 pages in all _ was released Monday. Kilpatrick’s attorneys on Tuesday filed a $100 million lawsuit against SkyTel, the company that released the messages to the news media. The lawsuit argues that releasing the messages violated the former mayor’s rights. SkyTel counters it was compelled by court orders to release them.

Here is a Detailed Report of Kwame Kilpatrick’s Fall

The text messages detail more of Kilpatrick’s explicit sexual escapades, and include intriguing messages involving family members and City Hall staffers.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Timothy Kenny last week said the messages might be “shedding light on government misconduct,” but there didn’t appear to be anything obvious in the short bursts of expression.

There’s Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita, texting her straying husband in May 2003 that she “had a bad dream last night … that you had a girlfriend.”

There’s also a text by Kilpatrick’s sister, Ayanna, who takes a dim view of her hometown.

“How do you educate voters in a city full of idiots…?!” she told Beatty and her brother.

The messages, in the thousands, are just a fraction of the hundreds of thousands possessed by the Wayne County prosecutor’s office for use in the criminal case against Beatty and Kilpatrick. They had been filed with the court as part of the prosecution’s effort to prove the messages’ authenticity.

Kilpatrick and Beatty were charged with perjury and other crimes last year after texts published by the Detroit Free Press contradicted their courtroom denials of an affair. The pair had testified in a civil lawsuit brought by police officers who said their careers were ruined by Kilpatrick because of suspicions about his inner circle.

Kilpatrick and Beatty each pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. The ex-mayor left jail in February after 99 days and has been granted a probation transfer to Texas so he can take a high-tech sales job. His old paramour, a friend since high school, is due to be released April 15.

The messages had been under seal while prosecutors and Beatty’s defense team wrangled over their admissibility as evidence. But after her guilty plea, the Free Press asked a judge to release them.

“Enough is enough,” Beatty lawyer Mayer Morganroth said Monday in explaining why he didn’t pursue an appeal.

The messages on city-issued pagers show Beatty as the loyal lover, relying on Kilpatrick for her physical and emotional needs as her marriage hits the rocks.

“I love how you can make me feel by just looking at me!” she wrote in December 2002.

Earlier that year, Beatty recalled the first time they had sex when she returned to Detroit after attending Howard University.

“At that time I was trying to make a teenage fantasy come true!” Kilpatrick replied.

In 2003, he wrote: “Nobody has ever, imean ever, excited me like you.”

Well, maybe not. The messages show Kilpatrick exchanging sexual innuendo with other women. “I wish you could have two wives,” one of them wrote.

The texts are mostly between Kilpatrick and Beatty, but communications with their spouses and other high-ranking city officials are part of the package, too:

In a September 2003 text to a staffer, Carlita Kilpatrick wrote that she didn’t want to be dinner host to Detroit rapper Eminem. “I thought we were going to his house. When did it become mine.”

And in January 2004, four years before Kilpatrick was charged with felonies that would end his reign at City Hall, a spokesman texted him and others that Kym Worthy, who would end up helping bring Kilpatrick down, was appointed Wayne County prosecutor.

“That’s too bad!” replied city attorney Ruth Carter.