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Altovise Collier, a 25-year-old beautician from New York, is claiming that the spa she was employed by, “Completely Bare,” discriminated against her by verbally harassing her, paying her less than her white co-workers, and firing her because she was Black.

“Completely Bare” owner Cindy Barshop, who starred in “The Real Housewives of New York City”, gave Collier a “a verbal dressing-down” when she started, according to the suit filed.

“They were very impressed with me — until they saw me,” said a tearful Collier, of Brooklyn, who relocated from Atlanta to take the job. “I was treated like trash and thrown in the gutter, damn near sleeping in the streets.”

Collier, who said she was the only black beautician at the store, claims Barshop underpaid her, forking over only about half of her $700 weekly salary.