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I have reluctantly held my tongue on Herman Cain for quite some time now, but enough is enough. The “contender” for U.S. president is a comical Republican presidential candidate, and a disgrace to the Black community.

But what makes my skin boil is the painful reminder that Cain is a graduate (and member of the board of trustees) of my Alma Mater, Morehouse College (pause for unanimous gasp). Yes folks, a Black Republican is an alumnus from the only all-male Historically Black College and University in the country.

Now of course, I’m not saying it’s implausible for a Black man to be a Republican, because there are many of them roaming our American soil (sigh). However, the mere fact that Cain is the product of an institution that fosters social advocacy and a focus on the locality of the Black race, one would presume his political ideology to be one of progressive liberalism. There’s absolutely no component in the Republican agenda that benefits the African American community in any shape or form.

Personally, I think Cain’s conservative, “fiscal responsible” political stance is  influenced by one thing and one thing only: money. He’s a business multi-millionaire who is only seeking to preserve his wealth and, additionally, procure a little notoriety. Cain doesn’t care about the American people, nor does he care about the African American community.

Just a couple of days ago it was reported that Cain claimed he was called a racist because he decided not to stay on the “Democratic plantation.” He added, “it may shock you but some Black people can think for themselves,” mocking the Black community for their strong backing of President Obama. Cain has some nerve to indict African Americans let alone allude that they, unlike him, are not thinking beings because they’re Democrats. It’s absurd. I think Cain is a political coon, yet I wouldn’t call into question his thinking skills–okay maybe I would.

This is the same Cain who said that as president he would not sign any legislation longer than three pages, criticizing Obama’s 2,700-page health care bill. In other words, if Cain was president we would essentially have no legislation (in his defense, he retracted that statement). This just comes to show how ignorant and ill-equipped Cain is. Being the CEO of a pizza company does not qualify you to be president of the United States, and he has proven that theory.

It’s no wonder why Morehouse has not, and will not ever publicly endorse nor boast for Cain. He is simply put, a joke.


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