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SUDAN — According to reports, Sudan is currently experiencing a surge of violent crimes, as the Northern Sudan initiated affronts on the border region of Abyei last month, and now, South Kordofan, a northern state whose inhabitants mainly identify with the South. The attacks come before July 9, the upcoming secession South Sudan.

The New Republic Reports:

Now, even greater violence is rapidly unfolding in South Kordofan, which abuts Abyei and lies immediately north of an oil-rich region in the South. For the past week, there have been many reports of ethnically-targeted executions (including women and children), destruction of churches, the killing of church officials, and bombings of civilian targets in the Nuba Mountains. Geographically situated within South Kordofan State, but nowhere contiguous with the area that will become South Sudan, the Nuba area is populated by an ethnically, linguistically, and religiously diverse people who sided with the South during the civil war and feel deeply uncomfortable with the threat of Khartoum’s Islamism and Arabism. Because the center of military resistance is within the Nuba, and because Khartoum wishes to eliminate the region as a source of future threats,much of this assault on Kordofan will take place in the Nuba Mountains.



Hundreds Of Civilians Killed In South Sudan