The current conflict comes after a decade-long recession which has drastically lowered the living standards of Sudanese citizens as the state teetered on the brink of insolvency.


Days of violence in Sudan have resulted in the deaths of at least 180 people, with many more left wounded.

Here are 5 humanitarian crises happening in Black and brown countries that aren’t getting as much attention as Ukraine.

Sudanese death -- and, in general, African and Black deaths -- is rarely cause for international recognition because so much of the world sees genocide in Africa as a natural topographical occurrence like a Seattle rainstorm or a Florida hurricane.


A Sudanese doctor was reunited with colleagues at JFK Airport on Monday after President Trump's travel ban kept him from entering the United States.

KHARTOUM — Sudanese journalist Fatima Ghazali has been sentenced to one month in prison on Tuesday for writing an article about the alleged rape of an activist by security forces. Sudan’s constitution guarantees journalists freedom of speech, however, many have been detained without charge and papers have faced censorship. Ghazali was given the choice to […]

Morris Kaunda Michael came to the United States as a teenager eight years ago, lived with an foster family, and just recently graduated from Columbia University. But it’s his story before he even touched American soil that is capturing the hearts of many. The 23-year-old Sudanese immigrant walked away from the ethnic violence that enveloped […]

SUDAN — According to reports, Sudan is currently experiencing a surge of violent crimes, as the Northern Sudan initiated affronts on the border region of Abyei last month, and now, South Kordofan, a northern state whose inhabitants mainly identify with the South. The attacks come before July 9, the upcoming secession South Sudan. The New […]

JUBA, Sudan – Southern Sudan soldiers attacking a rival ethnic group fired indiscriminately on unarmed men, women and children at a remote Nile River village, killing or wounding hundreds of civilians, according to witness accounts in a confidential U.N. report. A U.N. team that traveled to the village 11 days after the April 23 killings […]

From BlackVoices.com: After years of battling drought and civil and tribal wars, the Sudan, the largest country on the African continent, is experiencing looming famine.

From CNN: It started as an itch on James Madol’s right ankle and festered. Two days later, the boy cried when he saw a thin white worm emerge.