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A new political ad created by a conservative group is being called the most outrageously racist and sexist in history.

Turn Right USA, a Republican political action committee, recently created an ad that features two Black men rapping about white California Dem. Janice Hahn. In the video, Hahn is depicted as a stripper who is dancing in between two gun-toting, male, black “gangsters” singing the lyrics, “Give me that cash ho, so we can shoot up the streets.” The ad also shows the stripper giving one of the men oral sex in the ad.

The video claims that Hahn allegedly hired gang members to be “gang intervention specialists” allowing them to get out of jail and commit more crimes.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has denounced the ad.

“This ad does not reflect the values of California’s hardworking women and men,” said Jennifer Crider, deputy executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Craig Huey’s silence should send a chilling message to our mothers, sisters and daughters that this kind of outrageous and sexist material is tolerated.”

What are your thoughts on this ad?

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