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CHICAGO — During the opening of the 40th annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition conference, Rev. Jesse Jackson addressed his vexation with a photo ID law that he says disenfranchises minority groups such as African Americans, Latinos and college students, who are less likely to bring photo identification cards to the polls.

The requirement is currently upheld in Indiana, Georgia and six other states. Jackson spoke out on the matter in hopes that the Justice Department will review the legality of the state voter identification laws, which varies among states; some require any photo ID, while others require government-issued IDs.

The Chicago Tribune Reports:

“It is their job, it is their duty to intervene,” Jackson said, about federal officials.

Eight states have passed laws requiring voters to produce photo ID cards before they’re allowed to cast regular election ballots, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In some of those states, the federal government has to give clearance before the laws can take effect under provisions of the Voting Rights Act.



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