Rev. Fredrick Douglass Haynes III, the next president of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is the civil rights icon's protégé who said he's "honored" to be lead the social justice organization.

Rev. Jesse Jackson is recovering after taking a spill and cutting his head while meeting with student protesters at Howard University on Monday, according to his daughter.

A new report suggests that Rev. Jesse Jackson's wife is not making as speedy a recovery as her civil rights icon husband following the couple being hospitalized last weekend after they tested positive for COVID-19.

Both vaccinated, the couple were hospitalized for breakthrough COVID-19 as the delta variant rages on.

Capitol Police included the 79-year-old Rev. Jesse Jackson among the 20 people it detained and arrested for protesting against the filibuster on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.


Jesse Jackson has returned the favor over 30 years later, announcing his endorsement for Senator Bernie Sanders.


With such widespread reports of failing voting machines across the country, it took a civil rights icon to steward what could become an iconic civil rights moment during the highly consequential midterm elections on Tuesday.


Though Facebook's workforce has gotten more diverse, USA Today reports that critics still say the company has a long way to go.


Roland Martin and Rev. Jackson discuss the challenges facing Black America under a Trump presidency.

homegoing service was attended by legendary members of the Black press like Les Payne and Ed Gordon. Kemba Smith — who was profiled nationally by Curry in Emerge magazine — and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., spoke during the services, honoring the life of Curry.

Longtime journalist and champion of the Black press, George Curry, passed away on Saturday of a heart attack in Maryland at the age of 69.

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Roland Martin and a select panel of guests discussed the home-going service and the celebration of Ali.