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Stories buzzing on BlackPlanet News are creating discussion on a variety of topics.

Japanese scientists are synthesizing meat from human feces. The ‘poop burger’, is an artificial meat created from sewage containing human feces. Edible steaks from human feces? What do you think?

Prostitution is on the rise and on November 4th San Diego, California will decide whether to stop penalizing those who partake in it. The decision will not make the related acts legal, but it would keep those involved fear-free of arrest.

A YouTube video goes viral when a White woman explains why she’s pissed at Black people. She’s got some strong feelings about being 34 years old and not being informed about Cocoa Butter.

The economy. Is it or isn’t it? New reports show that the Black Male Unemployment Rate is 17.5%. The Black male rate has always been higher than national levels, but they are now currently reaching Depression era-levels.

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