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NEW YORK — New York City parents are infuriated with NAACP Brooklyn chapter president Karen Boykin-Towns and her husband, calling them hypocrites for sending their daughter to a New England boarding school, after publicly denouncing charter schools in the city area.

Boykin-Town’s husband, Darryl Towns, is the state housing commissioner and former Brooklyn state assemblyman who voted to increase the cap on charter schools last year. The NAACP, where Boykin-Towns sits on the national board, recently filed a lawsuit that decreed city charter schools.

The Towns’ enrollment of their daughter at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, poses as a revealing dissembling.

Boykin-Towns, however, defended their condemning decision stating, “I’d simply say that as a parent, the most important job you have is to provide the best opportunities possible for your children’s education and success,” Boykin-Towns said in an e-mail response.

The NY Post Reports:

“It’s beyond hypocritical; it’s crazy,” said Kathleen Kernizan, whose daughter is scheduled to attend Leadership Prep charter school in the Ocean Hill section of Brooklyn — whose proposed co-location in a building with a public school is being challenged by the NAACP.

“The NAACP is stopping my right to exercise my choice of what’s best for my daughter, and they’re fleeing the public-school system.”



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