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NEW YORK — Last night at a release party for Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun’s album, “Monumental,” police got into several physical altercations with fans, family members and supporters of the artists. Rapper Pete Rock claimed on Twitter  he saw police beat another woman:

“Deez police are outta hand, i saw them beat up a woman. Lame and short,they were short smurfy cops,without badge and gun they soft!”

According to Twitter, several other people were sent to the hospital and associates of Smif N Wessun, were arrested and beaten. Smif N Wessun member Tek tweeted:

F the police! They f my my man @LOUIESKAGGS up 4noffin 2night! Can we all say

Video of the incident was taken by UK DJ Jay Diamond.

In the video, the NYPD can be seen assaulting a man and woman at 2:53, and a police officer hits rapper Rock of the group Heltah Skeltah at 4:35

Another overhead video shows the large police presence and police pushing a person into some garbage at 0:10 and attacking a man at 0:56.


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