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A program entitled “Not Guilty: The Tragedy of Wrongful Convictions in the U.S., and the DNA Evidence that Frees Them,” seeks to exonerate thousands of minority inmates who falsely end up on the wrong side of prison bars, due to deep flaws found in the legal system.

Created by, “Not Guilty” provides tangible data to bring a national awareness to this pressing issue and, with the advancement of science and DNA, help free innumerable amounts of wrongfully convicted people — 70 percent of whom are minorities.

DNA evidence has helped free nearly 300 wrongfully convicted people, however, the fight for such liberation is only the beginning.

A significant cause of the plethora of wrongful convictions is attributed to the failed legal system. In nearly 1 out of 5 exoneration cases, prosecutors had opposed DNA test. Additionally, only half of wrongfully convicted people have been financially compensated. Such data suggests there is more to be done.

The program encourages citizens to reach out to their local representatives to find out what they can do to help. For ways that you can help visit



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