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A model has filed two police reports for harassment on former Duke University point guard and #1 NBA draft pick Kyrie Irving.

Miss Hawaii, real name Jessica Jackson, claims to have a video of Irving masturbating on Skype.

Earlier in March Miss Hawaii tweeted:

i mean this is just the beginning too dude, i have video of him masturbating on camera i mean if you want to keep f&^%$n with me, let’s go

number one draft pick masturbating on camera?? hmm not

BBM and text message evidence uncovered by BlackSportsOnline show that Miss Hawaii submitted a police report on March 22nd. She threatened to report Irving to the police after she began receiving phone calls that she believed were from Irving’s friends and family. Mediatakeout has obtained the court document for her harassment claim.

BlackSportsOnline is also reporting that Miss Hawaii may actually be a prostitute and that she created a fake Twitter account, DukeLvr1989, to harass Irving and refer to his dead mother. Duke Basketball fan site, SethCurrySavesDuke, reported on the alleged fake Twitter account.

Kyrie can go to the league and make millions thats so great for him … too bad it wont bring his mother back SHES DEAD DEAD DEAD


Around that time, Kyrie Irving erased his twitter account. You can’t find him on that particular medium any longer. Then DukeLvr posted his cell phone number. Then she posted a picture of him shirtless. Then she threatened to post sexual text message conversations she’d had with him. Then she threatened to post “a photo of Kyrie Irving’s dick.”

Here Is A Video Of Miss Hawaii Addressing Kyrie Irving(Warning Explicit Language)


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