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“The Breakfast Club,” a popular New York urban radio station show on 105.1 FM aired a homophobic spoof of singer Miguel’s song “Sure Thing” early Wednesday morning.

As the station played the Billboard #1 single, its lyric “You can bet that, you don’t have to sweat that” was replaced with “You can bet that, Miguel wants your butt crack,” followed by a voice asserting “n*** you’re gay.”

The station clearly directed jabs toward the R&B singer, whose sexuality has been frequently questioned by online blogs and media personalities. Though the spoof seemingly intended to produce a chuckle from the station’s listeners, it was a highly offensive act aimed at Miguel and gay and lesbian listeners.

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the top LGBT civil rights organizations in the country, released a statement to NewsOne condemning the radio station’s remarks.

“There’s nothing humorous about homophobia,” said Deputy Press Secretary Paul Guequierre.

“When young people who might be struggling with their identity listen to the radio, they shouldn’t hear a dangerous message of hate.  Radio stations have a responsibility instead to send a message that embraces everyone for who they are.”

Last month, Miguel defended his sexuality, which was typically brought into question due to his eclectic fashion. He affirmed, “For anyone who questions my sexuality, the honest truth is I love women. I’ve always openly loved women.” Miguel attributed his style, which he labeled “futuristic,” to his embracing of “worldly culture” and his traveling experiences.

A representative from the radio station’s music director and Miguel’s management were not immediately available for comment.


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