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WASHINGTON — White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced Thursday that the Obama administration will release a series of reforms to the nation’s current gun law.

While Carney did not lay out an exact date plan, he said the reform process is expected to begin “not far in the future.”

The Huffington Post Reports:

The Giffords shooting had, seemingly, upped the pressure to implement reforms. Obama himself used the occasion to pen an op-ed for the Arizona Daily Star advocating for stronger state-to-state coordination with respect to gun data, expedited background checks and greater enforcement of the laws already on the books. The Department of Justice meetings commenced not too long later and have continued over the course of several months, according to an administration official. They are now finished.

Such measures to reform the current gun law would be the most comprehensive move the president has made to date. However, passing actual bills on gun reform is expected to be difficult, as getting it through a Republican-controlled House of Representatives will pose cumbersome.



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