Gun Control

How much longer do kids who have grown up with active shooter and shelter-in-place drills need to wait for real progress?

Team Abrams emphasized how Georgia's current governor is unfit to keep citizens safe.

Mark Robinson sounds like he’s gearing up for a real-life rendition of “The Purge.”

During much of America's ongoing conversation about the root causes of gun violence, the makers of guns have typically escaped scrutiny.

If the Uvalde school shooting wasn't bad timing (to say the least), the upcoming NRA event in Texas where Gov. Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz are scheduled to speak certainly is.

The mall was full of shoppers on a holiday weekend, including families visiting the Easter bunny.

On Tuesday afternoon authorities discovered Wilson at an apartment complex two miles from the shooting in Long Island.

Barack Obama broke his silence on the recent string of mass shootings across American to address the most recent instance in Boulder, Colorado, where 10 people were killed, including a police officer, after a man opened fire in a grocery store.

The suspect in the deadly shooting spree at Asian massage parlors near Atlanta was able to buy the gun he used to kill eight people quicker than it takes for average Georgia residents to register to vote.

Folks are still endorsing the problematic nominee.

The Supreme Court heard arguments today on gun laws. You won't be shocked on where Clarence Thomas stands.