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CALIFORNIA–A new legislation in the California Assembly may require charter schools to increase their demographic requirements.

The legislation, AB 440, is intended to show that charter school demographics are appropriate for the neighborhoods they serve, or in other words, to ensure that the student demographic is more transparent. The legislation would also hold charter schools accountable for their public records such as financial audits.

Such stipulations have angered many charter school officials.

The Huffington Post Reports:

Currently, charter schools have to maintain a racial and ethnic student population proportional to the general area they serve. This new bill would expand that to include English as a second language, low-income and special-needs students. It would then allow districts to consider this demographic data when a school’s charter comes up for its five-year renewal.

This bothers Charter Schools Development Center Executive Director Eric Premack, who thinks local, county and state authorizing districts already have too much power when determining whether to renew a school’s charter. He said that if the demographic requirements became law, certain schools would be in “deep trouble.”



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