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It appears the Rupert Murdoch, News Corp scandal is not only stirring controversy in the U.K., as it has now spilled into American media.

On his CNN show “Reliable Sources,” Howard Kurtz condemned Fox News, which is owned by News Corp, for not covering the scandal in which its sister company is being investigated for corruption and phone hacking. Kurtz said by not dedicating coverage on the matter, Fox News “undermines its credibility.”

“When CNN has controversy, we always do it,” he said. Kurtz suggested that Fox News, which is known for its spirited reporting, is only “aggressive” when someone else is in trouble, alluding that the company is protecting its own.

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Kurtz’s segment didn’t sit well with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, who released the following statement on her blog:

On your CNN show today in which you were critical of the Fox News Channel and what you say is Fox’s lack of coverage on the hacking scandal, you neglected to mention that on ON THE RECORD at 10pm we have, in our last two live broadcasts, covered the news story.

We did it in a responsible manner. I urge you to go back and check. It was just the facts and no sugarcoating. Your omission today skews a fair analysis. I should add that I am sending you this message publicly because last time you did not do your homework on another topic I politely sent a message to you privately. Greta

Other media outlets have pointed out that CNN failed to report that Piers Morgan, who works for the network, is former editor of News Corp-owned News of the World, and may or may not be implicated in the Rupert Murdoch scandal as well.

Morgan said during an appearance on daytime’s “The Talk” that he expected the topic would be addressed. But he said, “I’m not going to join the Murdoch bashing.”



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