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Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus have unrelentingly expressed their strong opposition to same-sex marriage and the gay lifestyle as a whole.

Now it seems the mudslinging is being reciprocated, as rumors of Marcus’ sexuality is steadily making its way to the forefront.

Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld lampooned Bachmann’s effeminate manner and “center-square gay” voice. Even singer Cher said on her Twitter that her “gay-dar” was set off by Bachmann.

Video of Lampoon Below:

If true, the irony will pose far too appetizing for Bachmann critics during the presidential campaign.

The Daily Beast Reports:

But in Bachmann Land, where politics is so personal, what will be the reaction to the suggestion that Marcus is the very thing he has long devoted himself to fighting against? Slamming the congresswoman as a Jesus freak or an antigovernment extremist only fills her with pride. But how will she and her camp deal with her husband being lampooned as a closet case?

It’s like Ronald Reagan being tarred as a down-low commie—or Grover Norquist being accused of harboring big-government impulses. Harsher still, as the FrumForum has noted, Bachmann’s fellow righties have thus far not been leaping to her defense on this most ticklish of issues. She and Marcus have been left to twist in the wind as outlets like Gawker compile the increasingly brutal commentary.



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