President Obama launched humorous counterstrikes against his opponents during his eight years in office. He used the Correspondents' Dinners masterfully.


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) compared President Barack Obama to a drug-dealer pushing crack cocaine in the form of Obamacare to the masses, reports MSNBC. “President Obama can’t wait to get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care,” she said in an interview with the far-right WorldNetDaily. “Once they enroll […]

ABC’s blowout hit show “Dancing With the Stars” (DWTS) actually asked former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain to shake his groove thang on the 14th season of the competition program, reports Los Angeles Times. SEE ALSO: Brandy And Monica Remember Whitney According to Cain’s right hand person, executive assistant Lisa Reichert, though, her 66-year-old boss […]

Michele Bachmann is quitting the Republican presidential campaign, saying she’s “decided to stand aside” in the wake of her sixth place finish in the Iowa precinct caucuses. SEE ALSO: Al Qaeda On The Ropes Speaking deliberatively at a news conference in Des Moines, Bachmann said she had “no regrets” whatsoever and said she ran her […]

Roland Martin and Ron Bonjean join Natalie Allen in the CNN Newsroom to discuss the GOP presidential field shake up.

WASHINGTON–GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann says many people who had supported Herman Cain in the race are getting behind her candidacy. With Cain now out of the race, Bachmann says Republican voters see her as the tea party candidate and the “most consistent conservative” in the contest. RELATED: The ‘Mistress’ Ginger White On Cain’s Exit […]

How much can a person say sorry? When do we know that the other person is sincere? The Huffington Post is reporting that Republican Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann was upset after her recent interview with Jimmy Fallon on NBC.   The Roots, played a 1985 Fishbone song titled “Lyin Ass B—-” as Michele Bachmann walked […]

NEW YORK — Jimmy Fallon’s house band the Roots didn’t have a warm welcome for Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann when she appeared on the NBC show early Tuesday.

Michele Bachmann was only joking around when she said the recent earthquake and hurricane were a message from God to scare Congress into action, her spokeswoman said. The backtracking Republican had her mouthpiece explain her humor to the Talking Points Memo website on Monday after the St. Petersburg Times reported her comments at a weekend campaign rally […]

While a lot of the focus after Thursday’s Republican debate was on Newt Gingrich snapping at Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace for asking “gotcha” and “Mickey Mouse” questions, what I found the most offensive one of the night was Byron York questioning Rep. Michelle Bachmann with regards to submission. As someone who didn’t find the […]

In all of my years covering politics on the local, state and national level, many stories have earned the “Are you serious?” look. The newest one? The so-called sexist cover of Newsweek depicting Rep. Michele Bachmann. Conservatives have been up in arms, slamming the “liberal” Tina Brown and Newsweek for choosing a photo that supposedly […]

A new article in the American Prospect details how presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s views on slavery may be worse than we ever thought. A month ago, Bachmann got herself in hot water when it was discovered that she signed a pledge created by a Iowa social conservative group that stated “black child born into slavery […]