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Nazneen Patel and Drew Ricketts assuaged their disappointment about not making it to the live debate at Hofstra University by having a rather animated conversation throughout the event. I think the consensus is that Barack Obama sealed the deal. Share with us YOUR thoughts on the comment board!

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nazpatel (9:01:01 PM): u ready kid?

drewricketts (9:01:42 PM): what you think of bobby schiefer?

nazpatel (9:01:44 PM): this dudes old. haha.

drewricketts (9:02:04 PM): I think he’s the most moderate of the moderator folks
drewricketts (9:02:07 PM): politically

nazpatel (9:02:07 PM): they still have the uncommitted ohio voters thing.. come on, pick a new focus group

drewricketts (9:02:20 PM): oh! I’m watching it on abc
drewricketts (9:02:27 PM): keep me filled in on their dial thingies

nazpatel (9:02:32 PM): yeaa.. im excited cuz i read in the blogs that hes going to really press the candidates to answer the questions
nazpatel (9:02:40 PM): lets see how successful he is
nazpatel (9:02:54 PM): nice table set up

drewricketts (9:03:12 PM): he’s going to try to press them but you can’t press a skilled politician
drewricketts (9:03:13 PM): never

nazpatel (9:03:26 PM): kinda awkward… haha
nazpatel (9:03:26 PM): obama wore that tie at the DNC speech…… auspicious
nazpatel (9:03:54 PM): haha.. ok mccain stop wasting time with pleasantries

drewricketts (9:04:30 PM): freddie mae? sez John McCain
drewricketts (9:04:44 PM): he’s going to try to lock down the ‘saving the homeowner argument’

nazpatel (9:05:04 PM): maybe hes being clever and combining the two
nazpatel (9:05:04 PM): the ohio voters dial is barely above neutral
nazpatel (9:05:14 PM): i “KNOW the criticism”

drewricketts (9:05:44 PM): those dials are misleading because the more charismatic guy will ALWAYS get the dial turned

nazpatel (9:06:14 PM): maybe McCain was miss cleo in a past life
nazpatel (9:06:15 PM): yea i guess but thats not misleading cuz voters vote along those lines
nazpatel (9:06:15 PM): whos more likable

drewricketts (9:06:38 PM): protectionist obama!
drewricketts (9:06:50 PM): that will killll the economy

nazpatel (9:06:50 PM): the dials are SKYHIGH! yeaaaaaaa BARACK
nazpatel (9:06:50 PM): women are really lovin obama.

drewricketts (9:07:51 PM): uh oh…j-mac brings the first anecdote
drewricketts (9:07:55 PM): joe the plumber

nazpatel (9:07:55 PM): i think the table is really making them feel awkward
nazpatel (9:07:55 PM): obama is a little…. rehearsed.. and nervous-like
nazpatel (9:07:55 PM): ‘uh uh uh’

drewricketts (9:08:12 PM): obama pauses ten times more as he gets ten times closer to the win
drewricketts (9:08:49 PM): watch a video of Obama 2002 and it’s without the preggo pause
drewricketts (9:09:45 PM): re-aligning tax code is NOT a republican fave…let’s “redistribute wealth”…
drewricketts (9:09:47 PM): to oil barons

nazpatel (9:10:22 PM): i DO enjoy how he narrows his eyes toward mccain whenever he starts speaking lol
nazpatel (9:10:22 PM): like ‘yea? johnnie, lets hear what bs ur about to say’
nazpatel (9:10:22 PM): why is everyone named joe?
nazpatel (9:10:22 PM): man mccains flatlining. lol
nazpatel (9:10:22 PM): WHAT AN ALLEGORY
nazpatel (9:10:23 PM): shuttup john.
nazpatel (9:10:23 PM): can you tell im biased? lol
nazpatel (9:10:27 PM): 95% huh? i wonder who that unfortunate 5% is lol

drewricketts (9:10:49 PM): hahaha

nazpatel (9:10:49 PM): yea well when this topic came up in the last debate mccain INSISTED.. ‘look. i mean. im not gonna tax the wealthy. i dont wanna raise taxes for anyone!’

drewricketts (9:11:13 PM): joe the plumber is becoming a theme here…not sure if I get this

nazpatel (9:11:13 PM): shut the f@#$ up about joe the plumber!
nazpatel (9:11:13 PM): (can we publish that last sentence?)

drewricketts (9:11:23 PM): yes we can! yes we can!
drewricketts (9:11:26 PM): lol

nazpatel (9:11:54 PM): lol clever drew
nazpatel (9:11:26 PM): this whole exchange is truly awkward and redundant
nazpatel (9:11:54 PM): are they supposed to talk to each directly?
nazpatel (9:11:56 PM): i wanna see some mccain rage

drewricketts (9:12:05 PM): he will express it with smugness

nazpatel (9:12:05 PM): hes on roids. I BETCHA!

drewricketts (9:12:29 PM): (mccain takes notes to remember his anecdotes)

nazpatel (9:12:44 PM): obama seems genuine in his fumbling.. like ‘look i didnt rehearse. this is from the HEART’

drewricketts (9:13:22 PM): mccain just made a great point about taxes in the US
drewricketts (9:13:28 PM): he has a strong start so far

nazpatel (9:13:30 PM): mccain is coming off grandfatherly
nazpatel (9:13:30 PM): if ur grandfather was a card-carrying NRA member who hated DEM N#@$%S
nazpatel (9:13:54 PM): what was his good point?
nazpatel (9:14:14 PM): i missed it while thinking of a hilarious description of a racist grandpappy
nazpatel (9:14:24 PM): theyre asking the same questions
nazpatel (9:14:24 PM): ASK SOMETHING NEW
nazpatel (9:14:56 PM): they asked this question in BOTH previous debates.. about what theyre gonna cut out of their respective economic plans

drewricketts (9:15:26 PM): sigh

nazpatel (9:16:07 PM): i like the way he explained cutting defunct programs and strengthening ones we need.. it was really clear for some reason

drewricketts (9:16:37 PM): ooooh “profligate ways.” sez Obama
drewricketts (9:16:41 PM): good one

nazpatel (9:17:55 PM): ohio men & women are tied for super high right now
nazpatel (9:17:55 PM): “i just wanna get back to this home ownership”
nazpatel (9:17:55 PM): oh i like this moderator.
nazpatel (9:17:55 PM): hes strict
nazpatel (9:17:55 PM): mccain has sarah palin in his head
nazpatel (9:17:55 PM): u would get out a scalpel AFTER the hatchet?……
nazpatel (9:18:04 PM): why bother? lol
nazpatel (9:18:24 PM): the moderator is definitely doing a great job interrupting mccains canned talking points

drewricketts (9:18:40 PM): this supposed “spending freeze” of mccain’s will not include war spending
drewricketts (9:18:48 PM): pork barrel is a slavery term by the way

nazpatel (9:18:48 PM): hes making it more of a real debate
nazpatel (9:18:48 PM): “i know how to save billions”
nazpatel (9:18:48 PM): u know everything john.

drewricketts (9:19:04 PM): he knows how to create nuclear energy from his hands!

nazpatel (9:19:14 PM): yea i was wondering about the origin of that term….

drewricketts (9:19:45 PM): pork barrel fat was given as the leftover bonus to slaves in their portions

nazpatel (9:19:45 PM): mccain looks like a reptile

drewricketts (9:19:51 PM): the better the take or the harvest
drewricketts (9:19:58 PM): the more pork fat you’d get

nazpatel (9:20:14 PM): wooww
nazpatel (9:20:14 PM): we should totally say something about that on newsone

drewricketts (9:20:18 PM): hence the link to ‘wastefulness’ it emphasizes being reckless and prosperous

nazpatel (9:20:55 PM): WHOA
nazpatel (9:20:55 PM): that mccain comment

drewricketts (9:20:58 PM): john mccain sez : I’ M NOT BUSH … I’m his older cousin

nazpatel (9:21:04 PM): ‘if u wanted to run against pres bush, u should have run 4 years ago’

drewricketts (9:21:25 PM): I’m NOT BUSH … I’m his long-lost BFF
drewricketts (9:21:54 PM): McCain is coming out swinging…

nazpatel (9:21:59 PM): i think i heard a collective gasp in the audience

drewricketts (9:22:55 PM): Obama is responding well on this not-bipartisan issue
drewricketts (9:24:07 PM): EXACTLY…McCain has been bipartisan at POINTS in his career but he is clearly shifting toward the right
drewricketts (9:24:11 PM): for better or worse

nazpatel (9:25:39 PM): OHHHH hes challenging them

drewricketts (9:25:39 PM): schiefer’s questions are great

nazpatel (9:25:43 PM): SAY IT TO MAH FACE!

drewricketts (9:25:46 PM): lol

nazpatel (9:25:54 PM): yea theyre brilliant. that last one about negative campaigning was great

drewricketts (9:26:16 PM): McCain admits regrets
drewricketts (9:26:23 PM): that’s big

nazpatel (9:26:43 PM): so mccain is saying that his campaign is negative bc obama didnt sit down for town halls????? does that make sense???
nazpatel (9:26:51 PM): OH snap hes bringing up john lewis

drewricketts (9:27:00 PM): this is his Reagan moment
drewricketts (9:27:07 PM): and Obama, as a black man, cannot play tough on this
drewricketts (9:27:11 PM): he has to be humble to a fault
drewricketts (9:30:48 PM): sorry about this wacky connection

nazpatel (9:30:48 PM): ok ads against ur policies is acceptable. ads against character are NOT acceptable
nazpatel (9:31:28 PM): when obama laughs at mccains points its presidential. when mccain laughs, its sinister and condescending

drewricketts (9:31:42 PM): woooooow
drewricketts (9:31:50 PM): he mentioned the terrorist issue!

nazpatel (9:32:00 PM): can u believe there are 30 years between the two of them
nazpatel (9:32:10 PM): YEAAAAAA
nazpatel (9:32:10 PM): OBAMAAAAA

drewricketts (9:32:13 PM): mccain is genuinely angry right now
drewricketts (9:32:18 PM): he rolled his eyes!
drewricketts (9:32:44 PM): the American people don’t. wanna. hear. this bull$#%&.

nazpatel (9:32:44 PM): i missed that [eye roll]!

drewricketts (9:33:19 PM): schiefer baited him ! he baited mccain!

nazpatel (9:33:34 PM): “im proud of the ppl that come to my rallies”
nazpatel (9:33:40 PM): haha yea totally..

drewricketts (9:33:48 PM): culture wars to the max right now
drewricketts (9:33:55 PM): he’s volleying the whites

nazpatel (9:33:55 PM): seriously

drewricketts (9:34:08 PM): whatever
drewricketts (9:34:12 PM): whatever John McCain

nazpatel (9:34:50 PM): foreal.
nazpatel (9:35:20 PM): women are LUH_HUH_HUVVIN obama
nazpatel (9:35:20 PM): yea!

drewricketts (9:35:34 PM): I’m glad Barack Obama is diverting away from this argumentative petty stuff

drewricketts (9:35:57 PM): look at Barack’s smirk…he is also angry

nazpatel (9:36:11 PM): he keeps interrupting obama like a child
nazpatel (9:36:11 PM): yea he is.. i love it
nazpatel (9:36:20 PM): obama made a statement about ACORN today!
nazpatel (9:36:36 PM): i mean yday

drewricketts (9:36:54 PM): he looks very casual but his arguments are so focused

nazpatel (9:38:10 PM): yea thats the brilliance that is obama

drewricketts (9:38:23 PM): he’s thinking about five things at once
drewricketts (9:38:31 PM): and expressing them in perfect sequence
drewricketts (9:38:54 PM): his poise is tremendous

nazpatel (9:39:02 PM): OH SHIT
nazpatel (9:39:06 PM): GOOD F#@$ING ANSWER
nazpatel (9:39:20 PM): man that was a great response

drewricketts (9:40:05 PM): Obama is comporting himself as being above the fray

nazpatel (9:40:23 PM): goddamn, this guys questions are ON POINT

drewricketts (9:40:34 PM): he is precise but he is kind of killing McCain

nazpatel (9:40:40 PM): yea
nazpatel (9:40:50 PM): but mccains needs to get some guff

drewricketts (9:40:50 PM): because this requires solid response AND mental dexterity

nazpatel (9:40:56 PM): in a forum like this
nazpatel (9:42:37 PM): obama is a lawyer.. this debate stuff is a cakewalk for him
nazpatel (9:42:41 PM): HAHAH a role model to women…
nazpatel (9:42:43 PM): please.

drewricketts (9:43:02 PM): he’s going to spew a BUNCH of lies
drewricketts (9:43:14 PM): about MC Hockey Mom

nazpatel (9:43:35 PM): shes an idiot

drewricketts (9:43:48 PM): McCain: It’s time we had that breas–I mean, BReaTH of fresh air

nazpatel (9:43:48 PM): special needs families? autism?
nazpatel (9:43:56 PM): way to randomly pull an issue out of ur bum
nazpatel (9:44:29 PM): i like how obama called Palin a “politician”
nazpatel (9:44:31 PM): very calculated

drewricketts (9:44:46 PM): Obama is going to flip it on him…watch
drewricketts (9:44:48 PM): bam!

nazpatel (9:44:56 PM): HAHAHA NICE OBAMA

drewricketts (9:45:00 PM): spending freeze will cut off special needs bam!
drewricketts (9:45:03 PM): bam bam!
drewricketts (9:45:41 PM): John McCain’s dials will go low on this Iraq
drewricketts (9:45:53 PM): his sense of “right” and “wrong” is strange and Manichean

nazpatel (9:46:20 PM): haha yea theyre pretty low
nazpatel (9:46:20 PM): yea hes not creative enough to see gray
nazpatel (9:46:20 PM): manichean, good word to describe his ideologies

drewricketts (9:46:47 PM): that’s why I don’t dig culture wars
drewricketts (9:46:52 PM): it obscures the issues
drewricketts (9:47:09 PM): it muddles forensics ya dig?

nazpatel (9:47:19 PM): i dig.

drewricketts (9:48:14 PM): mccain keeps repeating ‘clean coal technology’ when he can’t remember what to say

nazpatel (9:48:21 PM): hahah

drewricketts (9:48:53 PM): Obama faces the camera!
drewricketts (9:48:55 PM): oh snap!
drewricketts (9:49:46 PM): “we can’t drill our way out of the problem”
drewricketts (9:49:51 PM): good rhetorical turn

nazpatel (9:51:11 PM): troof

drewricketts (9:51:19 PM): wooooow
drewricketts (9:51:26 PM): “he speaks so well”

nazpatel (9:51:34 PM): “i admire so much sen. obamas eloquence”

drewricketts (9:51:37 PM): forget what he says

nazpatel (9:51:37 PM): what a jerk

drewricketts (9:52:48 PM): this is the basis of the real debate
drewricketts (9:53:02 PM): how we define trade as the global economy dominates our own

nazpatel (9:53:11 PM): what. a. f@#$ing. jerk

drewricketts (9:53:22 PM): McCain rolled his eyes again

nazpatel (9:53:57 PM): damn it, i keep missing it

drewricketts (9:54:22 PM): Obama on automakers: we need to produce
drewricketts (9:54:32 PM): catch up with industry
drewricketts (9:54:35 PM): or lose to the world

nazpatel (9:54:41 PM): so true
nazpatel (9:55:04 PM): the dials are SOOO high!
nazpatel (9:55:07 PM): people are loving this idea
nazpatel (9:55:51 PM): the dials in the negatives right now with mccain

drewricketts (9:56:12 PM): McCain wants to suppress Colombian lower class, uphold the trade agreement even when it’s unfair

nazpatel (9:56:28 PM): jesus how many freaking times does obama have to say IM CUTTING TAXES before mccain stops lying about it

drewricketts (9:56:49 PM): anecdote #2
drewricketts (9:56:52 PM): let’s start a count
nazpatel (9:56:58 PM): i hate anecdotes
nazpatel (9:57:01 PM): ok so we’re at 2
nazpatel (9:57:13 PM): joe the plumber and some random chicks with no healthcare

drewricketts (9:57:33 PM): now Obama is gonna spill out a lot of numbers
drewricketts (9:57:47 PM): that will not be the same after the real budget comes in front of his face

nazpatel (9:58:31 PM): yea true

drewricketts (9:58:45 PM): healthcare issue is going to hit middle America
drewricketts (9:58:54 PM): this is time for the rehearsed speech from both guys

nazpatel (9:59:06 PM): but even if its not a realistic plan.. the fact that its so hopeful and so centered on getting everyone healthcare.. proves hes the guy for the job
nazpatel (9:59:21 PM): physical fitness programs?

drewricketts (9:59:22 PM): mccain btw is talking about things we need to have
drewricketts (9:59:28 PM): even as he says spending freeze
drewricketts (9:59:38 PM): joe the plumber AGAIN!
drewricketts (9:59:42 PM): again with JOE!

nazpatel (9:59:46 PM): hahaha… #3
nazpatel (10:00:29 PM): man women hate mccain

drewricketts (10:00:29 PM): Joe Six Pack = Joe the Plumber

nazpatel (10:00:41 PM): even though his VP is a woman
nazpatel (10:00:51 PM): mccain is indignant

drewricketts (10:01:20 PM): his anger is seething at every point
drewricketts (10:01:25 PM): watch his temples pulse

nazpatel (10:01:29 PM): YES
nazpatel (10:01:39 PM): he wants to ‘reach across the aisle’ and deck obama

drewricketts (10:01:59 PM): this is all such absurd theater, off the record

nazpatel (10:02:19 PM): i think hes so emotional bc hes about to go down in history as the man who lost a presidential race to a black man
nazpatel (10:02:19 PM): yea it really is

drewricketts (10:02:54 PM): alyson (10:02:34 PM): hahahahahah yes now he’s talking to joe!
i bet you there is one motherf@#$%r out there named joe who is a plumber
and he is so excited right now

nazpatel (10:03:36 PM): haha

drewricketts (10:03:41 PM): Joe is a running meme to rep for the common man ethos

nazpatel (10:04:03 PM): obama drinks water.
nazpatel (10:04:09 PM): hes annoyed.. rightfully so

drewricketts (10:04:31 PM): he has to hydrate to rip into this flimsy polemic

nazpatel (10:04:57 PM): LOL
nazpatel (10:05:00 PM): LOLOLOL

drewricketts (10:05:29 PM): “he wants government to do the job” Really? You want a leader to lead and that’s bad?
drewricketts (10:05:34 PM): Really John McCain?

nazpatel (10:05:44 PM): mccain is rambling

drewricketts (10:06:56 PM): Roe v. Wade!

nazpatel (10:07:03 PM): MAN THIS MODERATOR ROCKS

drewricketts (10:07:05 PM): damn…he’s going for the gusto

nazpatel (10:07:14 PM): are u kidding me?
nazpatel (10:07:27 PM): EVERY supreme court justice appointment is political
nazpatel (10:07:29 PM): f@#$.
nazpatel (10:07:32 PM): mccain is stupid

drewricketts (10:07:50 PM): I think this ideological battle over judges and even over tax policy
drewricketts (10:07:58 PM): is boring most voters

nazpatel (10:08:05 PM): yea i was just about to say that

drewricketts (10:08:05 PM): even though I think it’s pithy

nazpatel (10:08:11 PM): avg voters dont give a crap about it

drewricketts (10:08:18 PM): no one knows off-hand what a Federalist is

nazpatel (10:08:21 PM): i think its very important.. but yea voters arent voting on this stuff

drewricketts (10:08:30 PM): not no one but you get me
drewricketts (10:08:56 PM): A bunch of Joe Six packs just took a beer break

nazpatel (10:09:03 PM): LOLLLLL

drewricketts (10:09:18 PM): they’re hopping in pick up trucks to get a pack of Marlboros
drewricketts (10:09:28 PM): and a 24 case of Coors
drewricketts (10:09:36 PM): Miller genuine draft if it’s payday
drewricketts (10:09:58 PM): Obama just won with women. Hands down

nazpatel (10:09:59 PM): i think its great that obama is talking directly about roe v wade
nazpatel (10:10:05 PM): rather than dancing around it like a pansy
nazpatel (10:10:19 PM): *cough cough* mccain *cough*
nazpatel (10:10:34 PM): totally
nazpatel (10:10:40 PM): anecdote #4!

drewricketts (10:10:42 PM): Lily Ledbetter

drewricketts (10:10:46 PM): GReAT reference

drewricketts (10:11:21 PM): Lily Ledbetter just entered history
drewricketts (10:11:32 PM): there’s probably a WaPo or NYT article on her somewhere

nazpatel (10:11:42 PM): we have to change the culture of america? wtf

drewricketts (10:12:28 PM): http://campaignstops.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/08/28/the-democrats-secret-weapon-lilly-ledbetter/

nazpatel (10:12:28 PM): haha really a bad procedure.. terrible
nazpatel (10:12:34 PM): god hes dumb

drewricketts (10:12:55 PM): john mccain just claimed ‘mainstream america’
drewricketts (10:13:05 PM): eyeroll 3
drewricketts (10:14:09 PM): JMAC – “this is my position on vaginas”

nazpatel (10:14:13 PM): lol
drewricketts (10:14:17 PM): O’BAM! – “this is MY position on vaginas”
drewricketts (10:14:21 PM): (neither of us has one)

nazpatel (10:14:47 PM): yea well at least obamas view says ‘ppl with vaginas are in the best position to make a decision about vaginas’
nazpatel (10:15:08 PM): OH MAN.. this is a great segue into abstinence only education and sex-education
nazpatel (10:15:18 PM): BAM bristol palin!

drewricketts (10:15:21 PM): the ELOQUENCE of Sen. Obama!
drewricketts (10:15:47 PM): We adopt children…and we raise the special needz!

nazpatel (10:16:03 PM): lol

drewricketts (10:16:10 PM): education
nazpatel (10:17:15 PM): i feel like obama feels like hes been fighting a campaign against a moron
nazpatel (10:17:29 PM): hes just way too competent

drewricketts (10:17:34 PM): an army of new teachers
drewricketts (10:17:37 PM): new industry
drewricketts (10:17:46 PM): investment in intelligence and skill

nazpatel (10:17:46 PM): NICE
nazpatel (10:17:52 PM): so genius
nazpatel (10:18:02 PM): ohio voters are off the charts on this

drewricketts (10:18:10 PM): that debt he speaks of? hedge funds own the debt on federal student loans
drewricketts (10:18:28 PM): and make profits when it fluctuates
drewricketts (10:19:02 PM): mccain is gonna talk about choice
drewricketts (10:19:03 PM): all day

nazpatel (10:19:05 PM): blah
drewricketts (10:19:08 PM): blah
drewricketts (10:19:09 PM): lol

nazpatel (10:19:13 PM): haha u were dead on

drewricketts (10:19:14 PM): knock on wood

nazpatel (10:19:17 PM): choice and competition
nazpatel (10:19:34 PM): we find bad teachers another line of work?

drewricketts (10:19:38 PM): Obama advocates increasing choice

nazpatel (10:19:40 PM): prostitution? oil rigs?

drewricketts (10:19:46 PM): LOL
drewricketts (10:19:48 PM): hahahha

nazpatel (10:19:59 PM): yea why does mccain talk about choice in everything except abortion
nazpatel (10:20:04 PM): HELLO INCONSISTENCY

drewricketts (10:20:05 PM): Teach for America shout out!

nazpatel (10:20:11 PM): holla!
nazpatel (10:21:31 PM): haha funny no child left behind joke

drewricketts (10:21:51 PM): Obama doubled the number of charter schools
drewricketts (10:22:00 PM): F*** teacher union corruption
drewricketts (10:22:06 PM): invest in GOOD schools

nazpatel (10:22:20 PM): EXACTLY
nazpatel (10:22:25 PM): like the LAB schools in chciago
nazpatel (10:22:34 PM): where his daughters go and i worked in during college
nazpatel (10:23:04 PM): NICE. americas youth not an interest group.. theyre our future
nazpatel (10:23:26 PM): oh god school vouchers….
nazpatel (10:23:29 PM): not this.

drewricketts (10:23:39 PM): they just cling…McCain is clinging

nazpatel (10:24:06 PM): yea he got owned

drewricketts (10:24:32 PM): mccain is having a comeback
drewricketts (10:24:37 PM): on the accountability point

nazpatel (10:24:51 PM): yea he is
nazpatel (10:24:54 PM): i was about to say that

drewricketts (10:25:03 PM): he is saying…it’s not just money..

nazpatel (10:25:09 PM): yea true
nazpatel (10:25:10 PM): its a good point

drewricketts (10:26:46 PM): McCain is going so sarcastically
drewricketts (10:26:54 PM): website shout out
drewricketts (10:26:58 PM): mydebates.org
drewricketts (10:27:02 PM): ad money cha ching!

nazpatel (10:27:27 PM): hahaha
nazpatel (10:27:41 PM): hes stealing obamas platform

drewricketts (10:27:42 PM): America needs a new direction sez J-Mac…

nazpatel (10:27:45 PM): biter

drewricketts (10:27:49 PM): ..and an OLD hand to lead it

nazpatel (10:27:54 PM): hahaha

drewricketts (10:28:10 PM): what’s the over-under on another Joe reference?

nazpatel (10:28:16 PM): who knows

drewricketts (10:28:18 PM): 2 to 1?
drewricketts (10:28:22 PM): 2.5 to 1

nazpatel (10:28:28 PM): 2 to 1 i think

drewricketts (10:29:34 PM): closing statements are sober on both sides
drewricketts (10:29:39 PM): change the central part

nazpatel (10:29:40 PM): yea they are
nazpatel (10:29:41 PM): depressing really

drewricketts (10:29:54 PM): a lot of ‘fundamental’ this and that
drewricketts (10:30:17 PM): it’s like: Look, dummy, I’ll give it to ya simple

nazpatel (10:30:26 PM): haha

drewricketts (10:30:35 PM): you need basic resources to survive…I will give you those

nazpatel (10:31:07 PM): obama f@#$%g ROCKED mccain

drewricketts (10:31:26 PM): McCain acknowledged he did a good job though

nazpatel (10:31:31 PM): mccains suit is too tight

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