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The numbers say that we are out of the worst recession since the Great Depression; however, for most American the financial struggles are far from over.

A housing market that has 1 out of 4 owing more than what their house is worth, with millions who are at least 90 days late on paying their mortgage; record levels of foreclosure; banks afraid to give loans to individuals and businesses for fear of default; and an employment market that has over 1 of 5 in this country either out of work or working part time just to make ends meet, are just a few of the economic problems faced by many in this country.

NewsOne and I are concerned about the economic destinies and know that it is almost impossible for taxpayers to stay afloat without an organized financial strategy. This is why we have launched a series of posts and webisodes, sponsored by Toyota, to make sure that we are giving you tangible solutions to help you in navigating the financial obstacles presented in this volatile economy.

So take time to watch the videos, read the posts, leave comments, and send us messages about the issues that you would like to discuss.

This is your forum and opportunity to learn some valuable information and we want to be sure you get the most out each entry. I look forward to talking to you each week as we continue to rebuild this country and lead the way to an economic recovery through the teaching and implementing of fiscal responsibility!

Ryan Mack, Author of Living in the Village and President of Optimum Capital Management, LLC

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