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Former The View host Star Jones reportedly “had a meltdown” when a New York Polo Club refused her entrance into the VIP, according to the

Jones had proper credentials to enter the VIP section, but an altercation ensued when a security guard told her she couldn’t enter over the low fence.

A source told the NY Daily News that Jones became irate with the guard over the confrontation, however, Jones says the story is “100% inaccurate.”

But the guard finally caught on to the fact that the polo partyers were getting into the VIP area via the wrong entrance. He told Jones she was “not allowed to step over the fence” and would have to go around it.

That’s when she became “snarky,” with the guard, telling him he couldn’t speak to her that way. “I’ll step over if I want to!” she said. More than one source heard Jones bellow, becoming “livid.”



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