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The Obama campaign has faced racism down with competence and transcendence. Unfortunately, as Barack Obama and his supporters have capably defiled anyone using old-hat racist themes to evoke Confederacy Era paranoia, there have been snickering bigots waiting in the fold with one image after another designed to poke fun at his identity. Ta-Nehisi Coates commented on the latest representation of the Barack Obama currency (a food stamp with watermelons and chicken on it) saying:

All of this brings me to another point, one I’ve made before. It’s all fine to attack liberals for upholding “diversity” or for being too “politically correct.” I basically agree that Affirmative Action is problematic and a debate is in order. But lefties shouldn’t be chastened by thier failures. Here is the thing–at least we’re taking up the challenge. We were the first to understand that a country ruled by White Men–not on merit, but by bigoted design–was country on suicide watch.

The politics of fear have been propelled with words, but the images of the newspaper reel and the internet may have a more lasting effect.

The New Yorker’s idea of satire = patly racist

(Waterboarding defined here.)