Jasmine Crockett called Marjorie Taylor Greene's comments about her "fake eyelashes" racist, and white people called Crockett "ghetto."

Ex.Papa John's CEO John Schnatter whined to Jason Whitlock about how it was "racist" that he was replaced by Shaquille O'Neal.

The presidential hopeful reached a new level of delusion.

It's important to put the Capitol riots in their proper historical perspective.

Donald Trump has long called Black prosecutors like Letitia James racist without providing a sliver of evidence to support his claims -- just like white supremacy has always operated.

NuBrit’tany and Tasha Smith say Oregon "police didn't give a damn."

Charles Allen Barnes is mad he's getting death threats after allegedly vowing to "kill me a n*gger."

Video footage from a South Dakota Denny's shows two Black men having cops called on them after a white waitress refused to serve them and kicked out of the restaurant: “They’re serving everybody else.”

A Karen video shows an angry white woman berating a Black postal employee and telling her, "You're not equal."

A white couple in a Las Vegas casino is shown on a viral video attacking a nonviolent Black man with racial slurs and other hateful speech. Where's a folding chair when you need one?