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Is education the next civil rights movement?’s Karen Hunter believes so.

In her article, “Education as the next civil rights movement” she points some pretty alarming statistics about blacks and education. Hunter says there is a direct link between the lack of education to joblessness and poverty. Hunter even suggests that integration was the worse thing to happen to blacks as it relates to education. She argues that although education was separate but equal during segregation, countless blacks were able to get solid educations at HBCUs. During integration, she says, black parents and the black community took a vested interest in education. She ends the article by implying that there must be a “change in attitude” toward education, and send the message that being smart is not “acting white.” Hunter writes:

I’m not saying we should all go out and start a school. But there are quite a few things we can do. Let’s start with the attitude. We must send a message that achievement in the classroom is not “acting white” or selling out or being a nerd.

Read to your children at a young age. Buy them books instead of video games. Instill in them at early what is important. Pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson was struggling in school and classified Special Ed. His mother made him go to the library and write book reports; reports she herself couldn’t read because she was illiterate. That’s a commitment to a child’s success.”

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