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NEW YORK — While the Notorious B.I.G.’s former neighborhood of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn has gone through a great deal of gentrification, the “Notorious PHd,” fights to make sure the Bronx doesn’t go the way of Clinton Hill too.

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The Notorious PHd is the rap name of Fordham Professor, Mark Naison, who uses his lyrics to stop poor people from being forced out of New York City due to gentrification.

The New York Daily News Reports:

“The Bronx is the last refuge for working-class, immigrant New York,” said Naison, a resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn, since 1976. “I don’t want to walk through the Bronx and see Park Slope.”

Naison began rapping years ago, while teaching Bronx history to public school students in the borough. “Back in the day / New York was a place / where people could find / affordable space,” he rhymes in “Not in the Bronx.”

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