Fewer white people call Washington, D.C home in a demographic shift that happened during the pandemic and restores the "Chocolate City" nickname.

Good News

NBA player Udonis Haslem has launched a grant program for BIPOC-owned businesses in his hometown of Miami.

Some people in Harlem -- a community that's been all but synonymous with Black people -- were caught off-guard when they saw a poster featuring only white people that advertised a "new soul" restaurant.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Amid the ongoing scourge of gentrification in America, three allies have sued a Detroit landlord and are alleging housing discrimination against prospective renters who are Black.

Good News

Hats by Bunn—a bespoke hat shop that has been in Harlem for over two decades—is thriving in the face of gentrification.

Good News

A Black-owned real estate development company is fighting gentrification in Atlanta through the creation of affordable housing.

The Sean Price mural in Crown Heights appears to be in threat of being painted over.

Gentrifiers called the cops on a New Orleans musician with autism because he was playing too loud.

A biographer appears to think he owns Dr. King's story.

After the forces of gentrification tried to come for the city's go-go music, its sights have been set on Sankofa, a Black-owned bookstore in Washington, D.C.

There was a meeting that Howard University supporters said was a waste of time.

Like many major cities across the country, Atlanta has been hit hard with gentrification that has pushed too many longtime Black residents from their homes. And the very neighborhood where civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. once called home in Georgia’s capital city was no exception. The Old Fourth Ward area has been popular […]