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A Brooklyn councilman was arrested after a dustup with the NYPD at the West Indian Day Parade yesterday afternoon.

The councilman, Jumaane Williams, was detained by police after walking in a “frozen zone” near the Brooklyn Museum.

An argument ensued and fists started flying when a police captain was punched by an unknown bystander.

An aide to councilman Bill De Blasio was reportedly thrown to the ground by police.

Both Williams and De Blasio’s aide were released.

“Before their identities were established, Council member Williams and Mr. Foy were stopped from entering a frozen zone near the Brooklyn Museum,” NYPD brass said in a statement.

“A crowd formed and an unknown individual punched a police captain on the scene. In order to separate them from the crowd, Mr. Williams and Mr. Foy, who were handcuffed, were brought across the street and detained there until their identities were established and then released.”