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VULUSIA, FLA — A white Florida teacher has been suspended for repeatedly referring to a white student as “white boy.”

Billy C. Miles, a 60-year-old white teacher in Volusia, called the student a “white boy,” and he was the only white student in the predominantly Black class. He would also refer to his students as “Black people.”

The Daytona News-Journal reports:

As Miles prepared to leave the classroom, Hyacinth reported he told the class he didn’t want the “black people” misbehaving in public and said to the only white child in the class: “Excuse me, white boy.” Other children then laughed at the boy, she reported.

Questioned by Winch, the child said Miles often called him “white boy” and sometimes made jokes about white people in class. A classmate told Winch that Miles sometimes told that boy to “get your white tail over here.”

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