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A malt liquor company is under fire for recent campaign ads that some groups claim are targeting African-Americans and young kids.

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“Blast” by Colt 45 has used rapper Snoop Dogg in an advertisement for the drink some politicians are describing as a “binge-in-a-can.” reports:

Fair media advocate Paul Porter of Industry Ears, says that after the initial media blitz, elected officials have not pursued the issue and that Colt 45 is continuing to market the product to young African-Americans. “My shock is that there has not been adequate follow up,” stated Porter.

On April 21, 2011 Douglas F. Gansler, Maryland’s Attorney General wrote to Pabst Brewing Company, the maker of Blast by Colt 45, on behalf of himself and 17 other attorneys general. Porter provided theGrio with a letter from Lavely & Singer, a law office that represents Pabst.



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