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Philadelphia Eagles superstar QB Michael Vick is known for many things — his one-of-a-kind athletic ability, his stint in jail for dogfighting, and the great comeback story we are all currently witnesses to with the Super Bowl favorite Eagles.

But many people know about Michael Vick the quarterback and the statistics that come along with it. But what about the person? (Source: Michael Vick Wiki)

1. Major League Baseball Draftee

Michael Vick was selected in the 30th round of the 2000 baseball draft by the Colorado Rockies, even though he hadn’t picked up a baseball or swung a bat since the ninth grade.

2. Kids Do The Darndest Things

Everyone does something silly as a kid right? Well Michael actually glued his eyelids shut at the age of three. Can it get any sillier than that?

3. Breaking Records

In a game against the Washington Washington Football Team that showed the whole world that he’s returned to top form as a NFL player, Vick became the first player in NFL history to accumulate 300 passing yards, 50 rushing yards, four passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in the same game.

4. The Longest Yard

Did you know Vick, while imprisoned at the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan., had a “Longest Yard” experience, quarterbacking one team of cons to a 42-14 win over another? The inmates kept badgering him to play, but he went more than a year without touching a football — until September 2008, with eight months left on his sentence he joined forces with fellow inmates to play some touch football.

5. Solitary Confinement

Part of his prison sentence included a four-night, top-secret stay in solitary confinement in Atlanta about a month before his May 2009 release. In a weird crisscrossing of America, Vick had to be transported from Leavenworth to Richmond, Va., to bankruptcy court for a hearing. He was driven from prison in Kansas to the Oklahoma City airport; and then flown to an airport in Virginia. In two different prisons in Virginia, Vick spent a total of 11 days in solitary confinement, away from the general population.

6. Reel ‘Em In

Michael loves to fish. He first got into the sport when he was 10, casting his line into the waters of the James River.

7. Funny Childhood Nicknames

As a child, Michael’s nickname was Ookie.

8. Homesickness

Vick faced a challenge in his first year of college: homesickness. He spent many nights on the phone with his mother, begging her to bring him home. After the Hokies football season ended, she did just that. He stayed home for a couple of days and then returned to spring practice.

9. Favorite Rapper?

Michael likes music, and his all time favorite artist to listen to is rapper Scarface.

10. Favorite TV Show?

His favorite TV show is Martin, and favorite movie is Life.


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