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NEW YORK- Mr. EBT, a rapper who had a viral hit video for his song “Swipe Your EBT,” is defending himself after conservative critics have claimed he is glorifying welfare.

Popular conservative blogger Matt Drudge and several other conservative websites have called him someone “leeching off society.”

A New Low? “Its Free Swipe Yo EBT” Video Hits Web

The New York Daily News reports:

“I couldn’t believe people are hating on me like I’m rubbing the benefit card in the face of taxpayers. They don’t get it,” Lafleur told the Daily News. “My video is a parody.”

Sounding like a conservative himself, Lafleur explained the video is a reflection of EBT abuses he’s witnessed.

“That’s the whole point of my video and that’s what I’m trying to stop. There’s a lot of people who really need help but aren’t getting it while too many are abusing the system,” said the self-described “Mr. EBT.”

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