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With the rise in surveillance cameras and video sites like YouTube, bank robberies are caught on camera all the time. Sometimes, footage is released to the public making something most people used to see only in the movies, now the reality TV of the Internet.

Check out our list of the “Top 5 Bank Robberies Caught On Tape.”

5. A bank robbery in Ypsilanti, Michigan was caught on tape on on August 15, 2011 and police believe the culprit may have robbed several other banks.

4. This bank robbery was caught on tape in China. Surveillance footage shows several scared tellers as a man breaks through glass and steals tons of money before being confronted by police.

3. In this video, a masked man approaches a Wisconsin bank teller with the intentions of robbing the bank before being tackled from behind by a gray-haired 54 year old man.

2. This bank robbery occurred in Sarasota, Florida as a man with sunglasses pulled out a gun and proceeded to rob the bank. When leaving, the bank robber was subdued by a police officer.

1. This bank robbery in Los Angeles in 1997 is probably the most infamous of all time. Two men with body armor and high powered assault rifles robbed a bank and then had a two hour shoot out with the LAPD.


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