Security cameras are everywhere. Especially places are targets for robbery. Jewelry stores, pharmacies and gambling operations are prime hunting grounds for thieves trying to make a quick score. Whether it be through brute force, cunning tricks, or simple methods, heists are actually quite common. Here are five that have been caught on camera. 5. ATL […]

NORFOLK, Va. — A 19-year-old Norfolk man convicted of several crimes related to robberies in Virginia and northeastern North Carolina has been sentenced to nearly 97 years in prison. Raymond Lewis Perry was sentenced Monday in federal court in Norfolk. The Top 5 Bank Robberies Caught On Tape Teens Steal $20,000 In Clothes In “Flash […]

With the rise in surveillance cameras and video sites like YouTube, bank robberies are caught on camera all the time. Sometimes, footage is released to the public making something most people used to see only in the movies, now the reality TV of the Internet. Check out our list of the “Top 5 Bank Robberies […]

SAN ANTONIO-Dustin Darsp attempted to rob a gas station for K2, a legal compound known as “fake weed” by pretending his hammer was a gun. Unfortunately for Darsp, a man carrying a real gun was in the store and shot him after he exited. My San Antonio reports: Darsp apparently grabbed a box of K2, […]

Brooklyn — Men in Brooklyn have started a group “We Make Us Better” that is escorting people home from the train station after a bunch of recent robberies in their Bed-Stuy neighborhood. The New York Daily News reports: After a spate of recent muggings and robberies, a group of 20 Bedford-Stuyvesant men started escorting people […]