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Congress has developed a solid reputation as a group that does not work well together for legislative purposes. Based on a recent internal report, it’s not looking all that good for its employee base either.

The much-anticipated “State of the Congressional Workplace” report (see PDF) is an overview of the employment climate on Capitol Hill and its 30,000 employees. Included in the group are all congressional staffs and their counterparts in field offices throughout the U.S. during fiscal year 2010. The Architect of the Capitol and the U.S. Capitol Police teams are also in the tally.

We all know the turnover is already high – that comes naturally with every election cycle and is a core aspect of the job. But, according to the report, allegations of violations in workplace rights have increased when compared to five years ago. Many of the issues raised involve discrimination or harassment due to factors of race, age, sex, or disability. The report says that 105 new counseling requests were processed along with 86 mediation requests.

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