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Princeton University professor Cornel West responded to comments by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain claiming that racism no longer holds anyone back in this country.

West thought the comments were ludicrous saying that Cain must be “smoking something” to say something of that nature.

“Well, black people have been working hard for decades,” West remarked. “I think he needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe and acknowledge that the evidence is overwhelming. And I think he also knows that if brother Anthony Davis — a brother who was just put to death — were a white Wall Street banker brother, that the response in the nation would have been very different as opposed to a poor black brother.”

“And that’s just one small example — one very small example of racism still at work holding people back.”

Late last week, Cain said that he thought racism no longer held anyone back in America.

“I don’t believe there is racism in this country today that holds anybody back in a big way. Is there some… are there some elements of racism? Yes.”

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