Reflecting on the overarching characterizations of Cornel West’s presidential ambitions.

A new poll found Biden would barely lose with Cornel West playing "spoiler."

The Black Ballot

Cornel West, the noted scholar and activist, has announced his third-party candidacy for president of the United States in the 2024 election.

Good News

MasterClass will make its ‘Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love’ course—led by intellectuals like Angela Davis, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Cornel West—free for streaming during Black History Month.

Cornel West made his disdain for Harvard University crystal clear with no uncertain terms in a public letter of resignation that condemned the Ivy League school for being in the "shadow of Jim Crow."

Cornel West said Harvard University was "open to a tenure review" only after there was negative publicity surrounding its decision to refuse tenure to the famous Black professor of philosophy.

Noted and academic Cornel West has made good on his threat to leave Harvard University after he publicly called out the renowned Ivy League school for failing to give him tenure.

Noted academic and activist Cornel West has threatened to leave Harvard University in part because he said the renowned institution of higher learning will not give him tenure.

Candace Owens hates her Blackness so much that she attacks Colin Kaepernick and Shaun King.

More proof that Candace Owens needs a history lesson.

Why does Cornel West even go on Fox News for this foolishness?

Last week, Black Twitter nearly exploded when Cornel West slammed  Ta-Nehisi Coates in an article for The Guardian. The Harvard professor wrote, “Coates’ allegiance to Obama has produced an impoverished understanding of Black history.” West is referring to Coates’ book We Were Eight Years in Power, calling Coates the “neoliberal face of the Black freedom […]