The independent presidential candidate named the BLM-LA co-founder and Pan African Studies professor Melina Abdullah as his 2024 running mate.

"A vote away from President Biden is a vote for Donald Trump," a pollster said.

“The Democrats should not rely on the courts" to win the election, the candidate suggested.

The lone Black presidential candidate had time.

Independent presidential candidate Cornel West defended accepting a campaign donation from Republican billionaire Harlan Crow, who lavished Clarence Thomas with gifts compared to bribes.

The Black Ballot

A new poll found Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent candidacy helps Biden against Trump. Pollsters previously said Cornel West's candidacy helped Trump.

Cornel West has an uphill battle to be on presidential ballots in all states as an independent candidate following his surprise departure from the Green Party. Here's everything he must do.


Reflecting on the overarching characterizations of Cornel West’s presidential ambitions.

A new poll found Biden would barely lose with Cornel West playing "spoiler."

The Black Ballot

Cornel West, the noted scholar and activist, has announced his third-party candidacy for president of the United States in the 2024 election.

Good News

MasterClass will make its ‘Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love’ course—led by intellectuals like Angela Davis, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Cornel West—free for streaming during Black History Month.

Cornel West made his disdain for Harvard University crystal clear with no uncertain terms in a public letter of resignation that condemned the Ivy League school for being in the "shadow of Jim Crow."