The American Civil Liberties Union has accused the Federal Bureau of Investigations of racial profiling. The ACLU claims that the FBI used information on race to guide investigations.

According to the ACLU, the FBI would racially profile African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and Muslims.

ACLU Suing FBI For Allegedly Racially Profiling

The Huffington Post reports:

Basing its charges on documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the ACLU said FBI analysts across the country linked criminal behaviors with certain racial and ethnic groups and then used U.S. census data and other demographic information to map where those communities are located in order to launch investigations.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, the ACLU said it has “grave concerns about the overbroad investigative authorities” claimed by the FBI in its domestic surveillance operations, and cited growing evidence “that the FBI is illegally and unconstitutionally targeting innocent Americans for investigation based upon their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, and political activities protected under the First Amendment.”

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