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Despite the negative stereotypes of athletes and crime, it is rare that athletes are actually charged with murder. Sometimes the issues are domestic, sometimes the charges are false, but all make for disturbing stories.

Here are five of numerous professional athletes charged with murder.

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5. Robert Rozier

Robert Rozier was born in Alaska and played six games for the St. Louis Cardinals in the NFL as a defensive end. After leaving the NFL, Rozier would join Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s  “The Brotherhood,” a Black supremacist cult. He would later admit to killing seven people and testify against leader, Ben Yahweh. Rozier was then placed in the witness protection program; and would later be convicted for writing bad checks and is currently in jail.

4. Mark Rogowski

Mark Rogowski was a professional skateboarder and child icon. In the early eighties, he and Tony Hawk helped popularize skateboarding as a sport. But in 1991, Rogowski became popular for something that isn’t looked upon in a positive manner. He admitted to raping and murdering a friend of his ex-girlfriend as an act of revenge against his ex.

He was sentenced to 31 years in prison.

3. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was a middleweight boxer who would be charged with murder in New Jersey for a shooting at a bar.

Despite questionable evidence and testimony, Carter was convicted of murder in 1967. After the conviction,  Muhammed Ali, Bob Dylan and several other activists, athletes and artists took up his cause and Carter was released from prison after a new trial in 1985.

His story was made into a movie starring Denzel Washington.

2. Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth was a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers who would be charged and convicted of conspiracy to commit murder for setting up the killing of a pregnant girlfriend.

Carruth went on the run and attempted to escape the law, but would be captured hiding in the trunk of a car outside a motel in Tennessee.

1. O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson was charged with murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. After a very high profile case, Simpson would be found not guilty in what many called “The Trial of the Century.”

Later, Simpson would be found liable for wrongful death in civil court, and was ordered to pay $33.5 million. After writing a book titled, “If I Did It,” Simpson would be convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in a case involving his own memorabilia.