Edward Murray of Fort Worth, Texas, got life in prison for shooting and killing 39-year-old Black man Antonio Robinson.


Her white neighbor with a history of racism remains charged with manslaughter.


A suspected white supremacist shot his Black neighbor by "accident."

A 2015 cold case in California has been solved after police authorities charged two men in connection with the racially motivated killing of Charles Warren Neazer, a 51-year-old Black man.

The ex-cop who kneeled on George Floyd's neck stripping him of life and dignity, will be tried separately from the three officers accused of aiding and abetting.

Clearly Casanova's charges are no laughing matter but if Black Twitter don't do nothing else, they are definitely going to find the humor. 

Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan, Jr. are charged after the Run-DMC member was killed nearly 20 years ago.

Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan are identified as the suspects.

Court documents, testimonies and a new BBC documentary put things into context.


The 23-year-old HBCU student was murdered and later discovered in a wooded area.


The family suspects foul play, according to sources.