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Christians are requesting that a video that shows ants crawling over a crucified Jesus be pulled from the Brooklyn Museum art.

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The avant-garde film, “A Fire in My Belly,” was created by the late David Wojnarowicz.

The shaky, Super 8 footage shows a crucifix lying on the ground as ants scamper across Jesus’ bare body. The 10-second crucifix segment is spliced between other bizarre scenes: objects dropping into a dish of what looks like blood, a boy breathing fire, hands lacing together a loaf of bread and bloody sewn-up human lips

“What is the point?’’ said Pastor A. R. Bernard, who leads Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center. “I think this is the piece in the Hide/seek collection they really need to hide.”

.“As a Catholic, this is very sad for me,” said Ginette Peterburs, 59, of Crown Heights. “It is not art, it is just disguising.”



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