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MILWAUKEE-Fourteen people were charged with running a massive drug ring in Milwaukee after a rap video called “Trap House Money” led investigators to indict them for drug trafficking, money laundering, and gun offenses.

While twelve members have been arrested, the rappers in the video Eastside L Boog and Eazy (real names: Larry Hooker and Earl Willams) are currently on the run.

The Loop21 reports

They are also seen giving a tutorial on how to cook crack cocaine and warning listeners about various “snitches on the block” and admitting to keeping weapons handy just in case they have to “let off a couple shots” if the “cops run up in the spot.” They also mentioned just how many packs they move a day

While Hooker and Williams are still on the run, when they do get caught, just know that they pretty much wrote out the prosecution’s case for them. At least we know they were authentic.

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