Fentanyl is a highly addictive synthetic opioid that is prescribed by doctors to rid breakthrough pain from medical procedures or cancer patients


A flight attendant and former Jamaican beauty queen found herself in hot water Wednesday after she fled a Los Angeles airport security check allegedly leaving her Gucci shoes and, wait for it, 68 pounds of cocaine.

Today is WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, our weekly rundown of the craziest stories trending in this week’s news. Aruba Tommy Bennett, Autumn Joy, and Lamont King join Roland Martin for this week’s foray into insanity. We kick things off at a Donald Trump rally with a couple of interesting political supporters vowing their allegiances to the GOP […]

David Cross, an actor and stand-up comedian, has admitted to doing cocaine at the White House during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2009. Cross starred on show “Arrested Development” and is currently starring on “The Adventures Of Todd Margaret” and has been featured in the “Alvin And The Chipmunks” Movies. The New York Daily […]

U.S. federal agents helped a Mexican drug trafficker and his Colombian suppliers launder and smuggle money across the world according to a new report from the New York Times. Agents would help, Harold Mauricio Poveda-Ortega, also known as “The Rabbit” launder money, through wire transfers and smuggling and even helped Poveda-Ortega ship and even escorted […]

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.-Deangelo Mitchell is being charged with manslaughter after his brother, Wayne Mitchell ate cocaine that was hidden in Deangelo’s buttocks and died of a drug overdose. Wayne ate the cocaine to save his brother Deangelo from being charged with drug possession and Deangelo is now charged  with involuntary manslaughter for his brother’s death. […]

A South African woman was caught trying to smuggle cocaine in her dreadlocks on a flight to Bangkok.

Long gone are the days when television characters were simply housewives and husbands. TV reflects the reality in which we live. As channels like HBO, Showtime, and AMC produce more edgy programming, more drug dealers and other criminals are cast as central characters. From the suburbs of California and New Mexico to the streets of […]

There are several theories about why drug related violent crime, which peaked in the late eighties and early nineties and then drastically fell after the mid-nineties into 21st century. While some claim the drop is due to increased penalties for crack cocaine and the War On Drugs, The Atlantic reports that it is due to […]

PARIS (AP) — A French court ruled Wednesday that former dictator Manuel Noriega can be extradited to Panama to serve time for past crimes, more than 20 years after being ousted and arrested in a U.S. invasion. The elderly former Panamanian strongman hasn’t seen his homeland in more than two decades, years he spent behind […]

MILWAUKEE-Fourteen people were charged with running a massive drug ring in Milwaukee after a rap video called “Trap House Money” led investigators to indict them for drug trafficking, money laundering, and gun offenses. While twelve members have been arrested, the rappers in the video Eastside L Boog and Eazy (real names: Larry Hooker and Earl […]