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The New York Police Department is under investigation for a series of racist conversations officers had publicly on a Facebook group.


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The NY Times received a copy of a conversation police officers had in the Facebook group titled “No More West Indian Day Detail.”

Numerous officers–who reveal their real name and occupation on their profiles– made racist and offensive remarks about West Indians and African-Americans. One commenter remarked on the string of shooting deaths that happened during the Labor Day Weekend in New York City, stating “Let them kill each other.”

“Filth,” wrote a commenter who identified himself as Nick Virgilio, another participant whose name matched that of a police officer. “It’s not racist if it’s true,” yet another wrote.

“I say have the parade one more year,” wrote a commenter who identified himself as Dan Rodney, “and when they all gather drop a bomb and wipe them all out.” Reached on Monday, Mr. Rodney confirmed that he was a police officer and that he had used Facebook, though rarely, but denied making the comment. “That wasn’t me,” he said before suggesting that someone else might have been responsible. “I leave my phone around sometimes. Other than that I have no comment.”

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