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Kindle Fire:

The Kindle is Amazon’s newest 7″ device.It’s quite different from the E-Readers because of the fact that the display is full color. It will also have access to many apps downloadable from the Amazon Marketplace. Compared to other tablets, internal storage is fairly mediocre, coming in at around 8 Gigs, however, with access to Amazon’s cloud storage and the ability to re-download any app you ever downloaded, you may not need it. You connect to the internet via wi-fi as there is no 3g or 4g options at this point. Units are now shipping for $199 bucks!

Asus Transformer Prime:

This bad boy will be pretty powerful using NVIDIA’s Quadcore Tegra chip which means it should be able to handle pretty much anything. Gaming should be pretty fast and fluid with that much power under the hood. What makes the Asus Tablet different is that it can be docked with a keyboard which carries extra battery power and usb ports. This can come in handy for power users. Asus just announced the product so expect it to go on sale before the Holidays.

Samsung Infuse Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1/8.9:

Samsung has different sizes to suite different needs. The smaller 8.9″ for a super mobile experience or the 10.1″ for a nicer viewing experience. Both are running Android’s Honeycomb and have wi-fi versions, but only the 10.1″ models offer 4G options with either Verizon or T-Mobile. You can take a look at Samsung’s different tablet offerings here.

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