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The teenager accused of donning a Chicago police uniform and going on patrol earlier this year is in more legal trouble after he dressed like a grown-up to allegedly take a car from a dealership.

The boy, now 15, showed up at a dealership on Friday “wearing a suit and tie” and asked to test drive a 1990 black Lexus, police spokesman Roderick Drew said. A dealership employee had to jump start the car — older than the boy — and the boy drove off while the employee was returning the equipment.

Police tried pulling over the car, but the boy drove until crashing into a traffic light, then climbed out and tried to fool police by posing as a father passing by the scene, Drew said.

“He grabbed a stroller and pushed the stroller to try to blend in,” said Drew, who did not immediately know if there was a child in the stroller.

He soon abandoned the stroller and tried to run but police grabbed him, Drew said.

In court Monday, the boy was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass to a vehicle, Drew said. Too young for a driver’s license, he was cited for driving without a license, as well as driving without insurance and registration plates.

The teen was also charged with leaving an accident scene. He remained in a juvenile facility Monday afternoon.

In January, the then-14-year-old entered a police station and posed as an officer for hours, including driving a patrol car and aiding an arrest. He was discovered after police noticed his uniform lacked a regulation star.

A department investigation recommended discipline for seven officers for what police characterized as “lax” behavior. The teenager has pleaded not guilty in juvenile court to impersonating an officer.