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Latasha Mitchell, 22

Howard University, Washington D.C.

Racial background: Multiracial (Black, White, Native American)

“Yes, I do think that racism is still a problem on many college campuses across the country, but I think it is more covert nowadays. I think most people are scared of being labeled as a racist. Everyone is prejudiced to some extent. I’ve had many conversations with minority students at predominantly white schools, and we have talked about the discrimination on their campuses. However, being at an HBCU, I don’t think I have witnessed as much racism on campus. We face more of an issue of ‘colorism,’ which is a completely different conversation!”


“It’s so easy to read about slavery in an eighth-grade history class, but it’s much more difficult to stomach images of castration, mutilation, lynchings and murder. Minority organizations do a pretty good job of making current issues known, but it’s up to the majority to participate. Honestly, I think that trying to eliminate racism on at the college level is like putting a bandage on a broken arm. We have to stop being so symptom-minded, and we have to get to the root of the problem. We look to prevent the consequences of racism, but not the act itself. Eliminating racism on the campus level has to start long before young adults get to college. It has to start in the home, in the schools, and in the institutional practices of our nation. You will never curb racist action until you attack racist thought and ideology.”