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It seems as if the John McCain camp, its surrogates and supporters have been increasingly trying to divide America. They are attempting to divide and conquer the United States by stirring up fear and division by racism, xenophobia, distrust and hatred.

The McCain camp and their supporters have run one of the most negative campaigns in the history of the United States. If they lose, they will leave millions of Americans who believe the President is a Muslim, a supporter of terrorists, a socialist and a communist. If McCain wins millions of people who supported Obama will believe he won because of hateful, dishonest, negative and racist campaign.

In campaigning, the McCain camp has separated America into two different places: The good and decent Americans who love America, are deeply religious and live in small towns or white working class America and the rest of America that hates America, isn’t religious and does not see America as they see America. The other America is represented by the ‘liberal elite,’ ‘Taxachusetts,’ and ‘Hollywood.’ Urban areas are defined by ‘welfare queens,’ ‘gang members,’ ‘corrupt community organizers’ and ‘black extremists.’ Where are the rest of working class Americans who live in cities, work hard go to church and pay their taxes? McCain and Palin have done nothing to address these people

Recently a McCain surrogate said that, McCain support was strong in ‘real Virginia’ but not in northern Virginia where the DC elite had moved. Basically saying that anyone who didn’t agree with McCain wasn’t a real Virginian. Are people who work in DC not real Virginins? Maybe the country is changing and Virginians don’t have the same outdated, racist, right wings ideas that they had during the 60’s.

Sarah Palin recently said that she enjoyed campaigning in parts of the country that are Pro-America suggesting that areas in which she isn’t popular aren’t pro-America. It is almost fascist to suggest that anyone who opposes your views or positions are doing so because they aren’t real or pro-America. Its amazing that with her secessionist past, no one has called out Palin on her ‘pro-America’ hypocrisy. While Obama has developed a diverse coalition of people from many regional, ethnic, sociological and religious backgrounds, campaigning in many former red states, McCain and Palin have not reached out to any former blue states or any groups that fall out  of the boundaries of their ‘base.’

While Obama has attempted to unify the country regardless of race region, religion, McCain is trying to divide the country on those same lines. People from certain areas are good and Pro-America while people in other areas are part of a liberal elite.  McCain has also used traditional phrases connected with African Americans to scare working class white Americans from Barack Obama’s economic policies. McCain recently said that Barack Obama would turn the IRS to a welfare agency. This is basically a message to white people that Barack Obama will take their hard earned money to pay his lazy black friends.

Republican Rep. Robin Hayes said at a recent McCain/Palin rally in North Carolina that ‘liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.’ Many liberals are also hard workers who achieve and believe in God.

The Republicans have made appoint of associating Barack Obama with things that are foreign and evil.  Right Wingers have a long history of labeling progressive black leaders as communist. Martin Luther King and many other members of the Civil Rights movement were attacked as communists by opponents of integration. Nelson Mandela was attacked as a communist by right-wingers who supported the Apartheid regime. This was also a tactic Nixon and McCarthy would use against political opponents, using the old red-scare tactics on anyone who did not support their economic policies.

The GOP is also vigorously attempting to connect Barack Obama to people’s fear of Islamic terrorism. The repeated emphasis on his middle name on right wing talk radio and McCain’s campaign rallies is a blatant attempt to connect him to the former arch enemy of the United States. The repeated attempt to connect Obama to Osama bin Laden by rhyming his name is another attempt to connect Obama to another of our country’s arch enemies. Virginia Republican Party Chairman Jeffrey M. Frederick compared Barack Obama to Osama Bin Laden on a radio program. When asked about it McCain at first said it was acceptable and then downplayed it.

Maybe I’m an optimist but I believe that the racist supporters of John McCain are not at all representative of the views of ‘White America.’ While many white Americans may still have stereotypes and prejudices about blacks, the outright hatred and dehumanization of African Americans has been limited to the fringe of the white population. However, it has been this fringe that John McCain has been actively courting.

When John McCain ran in 2000 against George Bush in 2000, he cried out against Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson calling them agents of intolerance. He also criticized South Carolina for still flying the Confederate Flag. McCain has since embraced the agents of intolerance, speaking at their schools and courting the ultimate agents of intolerance in Rush Limbaugh and Bill Cunningham. By letting Sarah Palin appear on both shows, he is condoning their racist, hate fueled behavior. By ignoring the mainstream media’s requests for interviews and appearing on the shows of known hate mongers  and bigots, McCain has placed his faith not in the judgement of the American people but in the racism and bigotry of the American people.

John McCain is using the same robo-calling firm that George Bush used on him in 2000. This is the same firm that said he was a traitor, who gave secrets to the Russians in Vietnam and had a child with a black prostitute.

The robo-calling which insinuate that Obama is a terrorist have resulted in a long time Republican state senator from Wisconsin announcing she is supporting Barack Obama.

“All of us should be extremely wary of the half truths and outright untruths that have been spread by the recent negative campaigning and shameful automated phone calls,” said Barbara Lorman of Fort Atkinson. “While my admiration for Senator Obama has grown with his positive approach to addressing the challenges facing our nation, my disappointment with the McCain campaigned has deepened. The negative tactics are inappropriate, downright dishonorable and have no place in the State of Wisconsin.”

It seems as if McCain is trying to take the country back forty years, where good Americans support the war, are very religious and hate socialists, radicals, progressive African-Americans and communists. McCain’s camp has done nothing to address the issues of African-Americans, Latinos and the only working class representative he has is a plumber who makes more then $250,000 a year.

McCain is disregarding the rest of the country for what he considers the GOP base. He is in effect trying to reinstate Nixon’s silent majority. However, America is a vastly different country now and Nixon’s silent majority has turned into an angry, violent minority.

McCain is attempting to win the election by splitting the country in two. He is dividing the country by race, religion, region, class and values. Let’s show him his cynical view of the US is all wrong.

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