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On Martin Luther King day NewsOne honors him by presenting the top 5 songs paying tribute to him. Here’s our Top 5 Martin Luther King Tribute songs.

1. Happy Birthday-Stevie Wonder. I love this song. They used to play it on the loudspeakers on every MLK day and elementary school.

2. Pride in the Name of Love-U2. I didn’t know this song was about King till the inaugural concert. Now that I do, it makes the song all the more powerful.

3. By The Time I Get to Arizona-Public Enemy. Chuck D’s militant charge for Arizona to honor MLK was a strike against racism and Arizona’s Senator, John McCain who opposed the holiday.

4. King Holiday-Various Artists. Whitney Houston, The Fatboys, Run DMC, and other artists combined for a We are The World style MLK tribute. Well intentioned, if a bit corny.

5. Common-I Have a Dream. By sampling King’s voice, Common and Will I Am show the wonderful musical and spiritual quality of King’s voice.

6. Ed OG and Masta Ace-Wishing

This song uses an excerpt from MLK’s “I Have Dream Speech” and was featured in the MLK episode of “The Boondocks” Great song embodying the spirit and politics of Martin Luther King.

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